Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Can't, Won't, Not Saying Goodbye, Summer...

Summer in Seattle, in particular, this summer in Seattle is/was stellar, amazing, and perfectly hot. Have I mentioned that we are water people, my family and I? And that the lakes are perfect to swim in, and boat in, in the summer, but freezing cold in the winter?  We swim in them for hours, we challenge each other to races across lakes, it is our happiest of happy places. And It flew by faster than ever this year. All I can say is I am feeling very melancholy about this. I do hope you are having a easier ending to summer than I this week. :) 
Onward and upward, my friends. 

Photo:Tumblr-(Please let me know if you know who took this)

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Ryan said...

I could not agree more! This was our first summer in Seattle and after growing up in FLA (land of the endless summers) this was by far the fastest summer ever. Beautiful but fleeting.

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