Thursday, November 10, 2011

Icon of Style- Loulou de La Falaise

Elegant Bohemian...That's what I want to be when I grow up...

 The beautiful and stylish Loulou de la Falaise has left us. I had featured her home here on the blog before, and can honestly say, her home is probably one of my top 3 favorite interiors of all time. One thing that is not seen in many homes is a combination of style, elegance, creativity, AND a lived in, or, down to earth quality. It is a rare, and unusual combination in a person, let alone a home.
But when I see it I know it, and hers is/was just that...
 When I was backpacking through Europe, back in the day, I had the pleasure of running into Loulou's niece, (above), Lucie de La Falaise at a Yves St. Laurent show that was at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Paris. (Lucie had become a modern day muse for the designer.) It was a teeny tiny show and Lucie was running in looking like she may have been late, decked out in a long suede purple jacket , and immaculately put together. I remember her saying she liked my jacket, which was a pretty rad vintage number. 
Needless to say I still have the jacket, and always will, remembering fondly that it was noted by one of a long lineage of remarkably stylish women.

“It is fantastic to work beside Yves,” Loulou told Vogue after 20 years of collaboration, “We both believe fantasy is such a vital element of fashion. We tend to think of ourselves as gypsies who have just returned with a marvelous caravan of incredible finds from the exotic reaches of the earth. But we have to make the caravan ourselves. Our Orient is our imagination.”

I can relate Loulou.
I hope you are in your caravan with all of your fashionable friends having a blast.

Photo's Via- Vogue

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