Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art for Charlie

I am happy to present the work of  3 year old, Walker Greenman, who, along with his family, is trying to raise funds by selling his hand-painted cards on E
tsy to help pay for his baby brother's rising hospital bills.

Fellow blogger, Sarah Greenman, from
La Maison Boheme is the proud mamma of these two lovies, and seems to have boundless positive energy around the entire

experience...We are sending our love to you and your family, Sarah.

About Baby Charlie:
Charlie was born on August 4, 2010. Approximately 12 hours after he was born, he began having seizures. An MRI revealed he had suffered two strokes affecting the right side of his brain. Charlie's stroke may or may not be due to another condition he has called Craniosynostosis. This is when two skull plates fuse prematurely in the womb. It is going to take years to fully comprehend what the stroke will mean for Charlie's motor skills, cognitive and language development. Only time will tell how his brain will recover from the trauma. In the meantime, Charlie has the love of his family and us - a strong network friends to help him grow and heal.

Go here to purchase cards, or here to donate anything your little big heart desires...

Grow stronger everyday baby Charlie..Our hearts go out to you...


Laura Goodsell said...

Fellow Blogger, Gluten free Girl, Shauna Ahern, has also faced the same challenges. Her daughter was born almost three years ago with Craniosynostosis, she underwent corrective surgery and appears to be thriving. From what she has shared it was a terrifying time for her and her family. She has a huge following and her fans are very quick to rally behind an issue. I have seen them take down a negative marketing campaign in a single day! She will be a very powerful advocate for baby Charlie. On my way to Esty right now! Good Luck baby Charlie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Laura...:)

24 Corners said...

A beautiful and touching way to help Charlie....Walker's given a very special gift to his little brother.
They've sold out already which is so great and more are on their way and I'm sure those will be gone in a flash too...bloggers are amazing! So nice of you to post this.
xo J~

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