Friday, February 3, 2012

Unpretentious Cool...

As many of you know who follow my blog, Isabel Marant is one of my favorite fashion designers. She has a gift for making things super wearable and comfortable, and yet what I would call casual avant garde, or what super rad girls would wear,(if they had some extra cash laying around). I was so excited to see The Coveteur do a spread on Isabel's husband Jerome Dreyfuss, who is a super talented guy as well.The killer art is by one of my favorite artists, Marco Velk, a french artist living in New York.

Love this shirt...

 Jerome has a large collection of vintage rock tee's, I am so jealous...

They admit they are heavily influenced by California living in the 
60's and 70's, with their laid back, casual vibe. 
I love the light streaming in from the windows, and the lived in feel. 
To me it says, two down to earth artists live here. I am sure to be invited over soon.;
Have a great weekend!

Photo's via - The Coveteur

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