Sunday, October 30, 2011

Matazo Kayama - 1927-2004

Matazo Kayama (1927-2004) was born in Kyoto, the son of a designer of Kimono.
His paintings are so elegant, and flowing. You feel like the images are moving in 3-D as you are looking at them.  

Kayama became a famous painter in his early 30's and held
 his first personal exhibition abroad in New York in 1961. 
Animals were one of his favorite themes throughout his career, 
while his sources of inspiration shifted from modern Western art,
 to traditional RImpa Japanese painting and Chinese ink paintings.

All of these influences were reinterpreted through Kayama's 
own refined and innovative style. His work has been exhibited
 at the Central Museum of Beijing and the British Museum, and in 2009
 a large retrospective was held at Tokyo's National Art Center.
Amazingly beautiful.

 Via- Wet Behind the Ears 

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