Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wearable Art : Arielle De Pinto

Canadian artist Arielle de Pinto treats metal like fiber and crochets fantastical sheaths and adornments. A graduate of Concordia University, de Pinto developed her unique technique over the course of her studies in textiles and printmaking.

De Pinto's work combines the essence of handicrafts with contemporary materials and a loose, unstructured aesthetic. With a background in printmaking, the designer had no formal training in jewelry design. She learned to crochet by following the instructions off a Susan Bates crochet hook package -- luckily for the legions of young and avant-garde, de Pinto felt more attraction to metal (burnished gold, hammered silver) than yarn.

Call me crazy, but this hat/face mask is really cool...

I LOVE the fingerless gloved, webbed bracelets...

This webbed piece above is my favorite.

Many of these pieces are available to purchase at Lambs Ear in Seattle Washington. www.lambsearshoes.com

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