Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Show in Mill Valley...

I just got back from the most amazing time I have had in a lo-oong time. 
My friends Tiffanie DeBartolo and Tolan Florence put on a beautiful show for me
 in Mill Valley at Tolan's shop "Moss and Daughter's"
The very old building that the shop is in, is stunning, and houses the amazingly delicious "El Paseo" along with Tolan's mom's shop next door, aptly named "Moss and Moss". It is a family entity that is comfortable, delicious, and breathtaking, and I feel so lucky that I was invited to have a show there!   

There were windows everywhere, which made it even more charming.


The above pic is from Tolan's mom's store. I loved this awesome Woody Allen oil painting.

 Loved these tiles in the wall of the building.

 El Paseo is a Mill Valley gem that Tyler Florence has taken to a whole new level. I seriously had the best steak EVER...It was ridiculous...And he is now doing wine...Which is AMAZING...

The old windows everywhere were so beautiful. 

 The walkway past the restaurant down to the shops.

The deviled eggs were the best I have EVER had...That is Bacon on there...With tomato jam...Kill me now...

The restaurant is big...With a beautiful outdoor patio...And the wine...Well...AMAZING..Also...This is where the fuzzy pictures begin.

 For some reason, I did not get any pics of Tolan,(again the wine), but here is Tiffanie on the right, who is one of my best friends, and also the owner of the killer indie record label "Bright Antenna", and also who inspires the hell out of me with her drive, focus, and most importantly, kindness. Our dear friend Shara on the left, has one of the cutest little 2 year old's you have ever laid eyes on, and is in the midst of practicing the art of being a mother, which takes it all, so I was just so happy she made the effort to come!

Annnnd here we go...Fuzzy pics....That actually look pretty cool.

The darling Caitlin Flemming, and the fabulous Grant Gibson,
(who I forgot to get a photo with!)
 Again, I blame the awesome wine...

 Some awesome new friends, who I won't name,(you know who you are) brought me these lovely little miniature liquor treats, which I did NOT drink, as I would have been kneeling in front of a toilet the rest of the night, but man were they cute...
 The slow demise into the depths of buzzed enlightenment begins here, and considering I am in Mill Valley, the land of Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead, who I happened to run into the night before, it all seemed very, VERY appropriate.

 And lastly, a salute to my friends, old, and new, for treating me to such a magical evening...(You can see a little bit of Tolan on the right, I did get a pic!!)

THANK YOU to my friends Tiffanie DeBartolo and Tolan Florence for creating it all. 

Pics by me, and... my brother?


Uncle Beefy said...

Jenn, congratulations on all of this! It sincerely warms my heart to see all of this making its way to you. You're such a warm, gracious, and oh-so-*real* person and you deserve all of this and so much more. Cheers to you! xo UB

Anonymous said...

Right back atcha Beefy...Love you!!

cast stone columns said...

Each wall installation is perfect and lovely. Cheers!
~ Hermann Swan

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