Friday, May 11, 2012

Artist of the Month - Hope Gangloff

 It is so rare to find a modern portraitist who's work doesn't look amateur, or like a cartoon, way to overdone and polished, or fake...In my opinion, the best portraitists from the days of yore, captured the beauty of normalcy in their subjects.Their facial expressions and poses being all ones we could relate to. And then you may have an artist who come's along and kicks it up a notch with gorgeous colors and backgrounds...That would be Hope Gangloff... 

Could you imagine how cool it would be to BE one of these subjects?

Hope you are about to have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

See more of her work HERE

First seen HERE

1 comment:

Artsy Forager said...

LOVE her work. Very Egon Schiele.

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