Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are 5 Designers Better Than One?

 I am curious about whether or not many of you would prefer the idea of a
 collaborative design effort, or if one designer in your home feels better to you? 
I kind of like the idea of hearing several different opinions telling me what is, 
and what is not, working in my home. This seems like a fresh approach, 
and while I am sure there are a few more design teams 
that work in a collaborative way such as this, 
Commune Design has risen to the top.

Based out of Los Angeles, their client list is impressive. Ace Hotels, Barneys New York, 
Heath Ceramics, Chez Panisse, and Opening Ceremony, to name a few. 
I love their fresh take on California cool...
This is what they have to say: Our design process is a collaborative effort. Whether the project is a commercial space, a retail environment, a restaurant, a residence, packaging, corporate identity, or a website we approach it holistically. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to see the same project from many angles and to offer solutions that reflect this open-eyed attitude. 

All Photo's by Commune Design

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A Perfect Gray said...

I adore everything I've ever seen by commune...donna

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