Friday, January 13, 2012

Artist of the Month : Haroshi

Japanese artist Haroshi created these insane works of art from salvaged and hand-carved stacks of used skateboard decks and turned them into extraordinary three-dimensional wooden sculptures.

  Haroshi exhibited these new sculptures at HUF's headquarters in Los Angeles this past weekend. It would have been a fun party.
 I think it's interesting that there are a lot of artists that are attracted to these sports. 
You don't see that as much with football, hockey, or other sports.
Great art that is used on, with, or is about, Surf/Skate/Snow will always catch my attention. I have been snowboarding since I was 17. I surf whenever I get the chance,(not great at it), and skating, well, tried it, and suck at it, although I love watching the pro's. My fascination with all of these sports is never-ending. Considering all of the hard falls, and fairly stupid tricks I have tried, I just hope my body continues to stay healthy, well into old age, so that I can continue the fun.
Have a super weekend...

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