Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diner en Blanc, in Seattle

Le Diner en Blanc, it's called. Originating in Paris, where 10,000 people had a secret "Gustatory Brigadoon", I would call it a very special feast, and celebration. We came, we brought, we had, we left. It was a secret, and I felt lucky to have been invited. If you haven't heard, it is a super elegant, flash mob of foodies, music lovers, artists, and anyone else, that gets invited. It was creative, organic, and FUN. Like a dream. A very angelic dream...And all in white...People rolled in from their Watercraft, and their Cris Craft...

The Set-Up

The food, and table decor was so much fun to walk around a check out. Considering you have to pack it all in, and pack it all out, the food, and settings were amazing.
Meeting new friends, and old, here is a new friend, (Tracy Wong), who is married to a wonderful woman who collects my art. Small world...
As the evening sky moved in, and with the PERFECT weather, we all stood up and shook our napkins, like a big surrendering to the enemy forces...With beautiful violins playing in the background, (everything from Lady Gaga, to Nirvana, to Mozart), we secretly drank our drinks, and ate our insanely delicious food, all while wondering when, or if, the cops would come and haul us away....Alas, they did not, and we didn't get caught...Ahhh the thrill, of getting away with something? 

Interior designer, and Veritables shop owner, Marie Harris.

Night wore on, and then, hark, a puttering of sparklers were heard, and soon we all were waving them around, and it felt like I was in a serious DREAM...It was beautiful...The water all around was sparkling, too.

It was lovely. I am sure it will be popping up soon in a state near you, I hope so, so that you can enjoy some of this elegant, dreamlike, flash mobbery too. Thanks to Jon Gaetz and Marie Harris for the invite!

See more about this phenom, here.


Laura said...

Oh my Jen this looks amazing, I'm so jealous!

24 Corners said...

Wow...what a perfectly scrumptious are one lucky girl!
xo J~

jessie kaye said...

How do I get in on this for next year!?

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