Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drapery...Artful or Practical?

I am loving drapery lately, more than I ever have.

When I went through my fabric everywhere phase, 
It started to feel like things were collecting too much dust, 
but I think if you stay vigilant about washing or 
dry cleaning your fabrics, it adds adds polish, and elegance... 
Whether they are in a traditional setting, or more modern,
they are similar to a scarf on ones neck.
They add a certain sophistication that cannot be 

met with blinds, my friends.
They are like sunglass huts, all of those blind shacks, or blind
"specialist" stores...They need to stop giving so many discounts, and go 

make themselves some drapes...

What is your opinion of Drapery? Love it or Hate it?

Via- Unknown, Lonny, ApartmentTherapyElle Decor, and Lou Lou de la Falaise Apt. in Paris.


A Perfect Gray said...

need it. although it's a constant struggle for me. I like a clean, light look - yet I need the softness that fabric adds.

Anonymous said...

Softness is a great word for it, I completely agree...:)

Laura Goodsell said...

Love it! I have often had clients that resist the idea of drapes for fear that they would lose light or views, but a thoughtfully chosen drapery treatment will "frame" a view and also give more control over the light coming into a room. Shear fabrics (in lighter shades) can actually brighten light coming in through a window. And the best part about drapes is my little girl playing in them, her own magical world right there in our living room!

24 Corners said...

Like it...but not sure if it's what I want. It's the next major and much needed decision to be made for our new house/fishbowl and one that has me stumped. I love our window details and trim and don't want to cover them up but on the other hand, the softness and drama drapery could add would be nice...still thinking!
xo J~

Anonymous said...

It is a hard one...I almost feel like you need either a higher ceiling, or bigger windows to pull it off...? Thanks so much for your comments! :)

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