Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Art of Rebellion

Born in 1921, Karl Heinz Weinberger had been a swiss factory worker 
for over thirty years. In his free time, he started taking pictures of  a 
bunch of post-war teenagers dissatisfied with the conservative, conformist
climate of the times, who made their own clothes and jewelry, wore 
motorcycle jackets, and oversize belt-buckles with images of American 
celebrities like Marlon Brando, James Dean and Elvis Presley.
Rebel Youth, published by Rizzoli, will be the Weinberger's first 
monograph, and a fantastic document of Swiss rebel youth in the sixties. 

Love her snarky self assurance.

Looks like just another high school party at my house when
 my parents were out of town

This pic looks like it could be taken today...
I always want to be sprayed in mid daylight.
Every HOUR, on the HOUR...

The woman on the right is in everyone's high school...

(Now you know where Lemmy got his look.)

Karl Heinz Weinberger passed away in 2006.

Photo's courtesy of Rizzoli and W Magazine.

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The above fore-mentioned. said...

I love this post. The photographs have such a gritty appeal, but they also look staged "okay, you stand there and you move over here, okay put your right leg forward..." But they are wonderful!

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