Thursday, January 27, 2011

Art and Lair Contest

My post on outfitting the artist is one of my favorite everyday outfit 
combos ever, and so I decided to draw it, cut it, paint it, and post it.
I am thinking I would like to do a series of pieces of outfits or favorite 
things from different areas of the the America, and/or the world. 
This would be my pick for a "SEATTLE" outfit, but would LOVE to do a "SAVANNAH",
"NEW YORK", "CALIFORNIA", PARIS and maybe even JERSEY SHORE! For everyone from bloggers, friends, and art lovers in general, send me images of your favorite grouping for the opportunity to win a FREE, first illustrated, then linocut, then painted with watercolor, piece of art. The groupings can be pieces for the home, pieces of art, clothing, a combo of all, whatever, and I will choose which one I think looks best and announce a winner. All who are interested can send the collection of images (please organize them as I have above, through polyvore, or some other site that is similar) to my (along with your address of where you would like it sent), and the contest will end a month from today. Whoever wins will get a mention ONLY if they give me the ok, otherwise it can be anonymous and I will just post the finished product with no name attached and then send you the piece.
This is a FREE piece of art with no weirdness involved (you will not be put on any mass e-mailings, etc..), I just thought it would be fun. 

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what you send! :) 

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