Friday, December 17, 2010

Shop to Visit : Souvenir

If you have not had a chance to visit Souvenir in Ballard,Washington,

you are seriously missing out on a visual feast, and utter shock of 
the senses. Shock, in a good way. The talent and taste of the artists 
that occupy space, and of the owner of this store, Curtis Steiner, never
disappoint.  Curtis Steiner is the Simon Doonan of Seattle window 
displays, and this little shop's window's are as delightful as Bergdorf's 
and Barney's at Christmas, if not more so...

The intricate work of artsist, Patti Grazini, is featured here
this month, and what she is able to do with old paper is magical.
These pieces are around18 inches tall and dressed in 18th c.
costumes. Each piece hides behind a mask and when looking
closer reveal faces underneath.

A wolf faced woman, a rabbit jumping rope in her best easter
clothes, a wolf with a crown...

These pieces are whimsical, mysterious, and perfectly delicate.

There is something gothically beautiful here...
The baby in the mask? With the old stroller?
I was, and still am...gasping for breath....

The storefront, always delightful...

The one on the left is my favorite. It is a woman holding a
caged blackbird.

Curtis is an insanely talented artist as well, he makes cards,
 jewelry, and much more.

Another reason to visit is Curtis Steiner's fabulous 
curation of jewelry...
Uhhh, that arrow pin??? I would die....;)

Even the pricing is gorgeous...

I LOVE to see that people are buying this
amazing work...(and if any of you are balking at the
prices, please remember not to under-estimate the
work that goes into these one of a 
kind gems...) 

Look at the amazing detail...

Visit Souvenir's website here

Have a GREAT weekend and remember to SHOP LOCAL!

Photo's by Jennifer Ament and Souvenir

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24 Corners said...

This is a truly amazing shop...I visited Souvenir for the first time ths summer and was mesmerized. I loved looking through all the little drawers that were filled with unique victorian curiousities. The magical paper figurines are enchanting, will check them out soon. Ballard has the best shops!
xo J~

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