Monday, October 4, 2010

Albert Von Keller, 1844 -1920

Just in time for Halloween, The Frye Art Museum, here in Seattle, is showing

Séance: Albert von Keller and the Occult - Oct. 9th - Jan. 2nd

I am so looking forward to this show. There is nothing more that I like than to see traditional paintings, (especially old ones) that are beautiful AND have a unique, or even twisted slant to them....The women in these paintings look they have a spell cast on them...and they don't care who's watching....

These two (top and bottom) have to be my favorite... Pure, unadulterated confidence and bliss.

Gorgeous use of color.

In the late nineteenth century Munich Secessionist Albert von Keller (1844–1920) was a key exponent of a new, modern painting, which sought to link the aesthetic, the scientific, and the occult. Keller’s depictions of séances, mystical healing, and dancers in a state of ecstatic trance attracted attention in Europe and America with their cachet of strangeness, contempt for banality, and fascination for the human soul. The Frye Art Museum presents the first solo exhibition of Keller’s paintings in America with loans from the renowned collection of the Kunsthaus Zürich. A 100-page, full-color, illustrated catalogue with essays by the curators, Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker and Gian Casper Bott, will be available in the Museum Store.

Séance: Albert von Keller and the Occult is organized by the Frye Art Museum and curated by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker and Gian Casper Bott. The exhibition is funded by the Frye Foundation with the generous support of Frye Art Museum members and donors. Public programs are supported by Humanities Washington. Seasonal support is provided by ArtsFund.

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