Monday, August 2, 2010

The Art of the Jewel

This is the stunning work of jewelry artist Kara Hamilton. She uses pieces from the natural world, and mixes them with metals. The look she creates is absolutely gorgeous. This piece is my favorite. It includes sterling silver, a beautiful pink shell, and deer fur. it is titled "Diplomacy" 2009.

"Monarch Jubilee", 2008. These pieces are something I would put under a glass dome in my house and use as a major statement piece.

"Pink Orient" 2009. I love how these pieces can be delicate, and yet fiercely bold at the same time.

" Crown for Prince Mighel Angel", 2008.
" Specimen Necklaces", 2008.
Kara Hamilton is a sculptor and jewelry maker who works extensively with recycled gold and raw minerals. She was the recipient of Yale's Barry Cohen Memorial Prize (1999) and has exhibited her work internationally since 1998. A native Canadian, Hamilton received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and her MFA in sculpture from Yale University. Kara Hamilton lives and works in upstate New York.

Kara recently had a show at Salon 94 in N.Y.C., if you would like to see more click below.

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