Monday, July 26, 2010

Artist and Home

This is the work and beautiful home of Artist and Blogger Lisa Borgnes. The pictures are from her show in May at The ACME Gallery in Los Angeles. On a wall with mixed art I would love one of these humorous, yet traditional and homey looking pieces. They could also stand alone in a cozy room like a den, or library, or in a modern environment as a juxtaposition. Her blog is one of my all time favorites and her house is amazing.

One of my favorite entries ever.

The guitar on the chaise makes me know these peeps know how to have a good time.

LOVE the hanging light...and the windows.

The gold horseshoe chair and the sheepskin make this scene pop.

OK, these 2 pieces are apparently older work, but I am so in love with them...The bottom one is apparently her old Manhattan apartment.

And the back yard? Where do I start?

Here is how Lisa describes her work...

I have always been fascinated with embroidery; my mother and grandmother were huge stitchers. What never appealed to me, however, was following a pattern. I wanted to sew my own life, my own obsessions and my own truths. I taught myself traditional methods of embroidery and then used them as the medium to bring my thoughts kicking and screaming to life.

I stitch onto burlap instead of fine-weave linen or cotton because the coarseness of the fabric feels modern to me and I wanted to use a fabric that visually felt a bit confrontational. My samplers aren't dainty little creatures under glass; they're not shy or retiring. Plus, the loose weave of burlap gave me the freedom of scale I was looking for. I think of my pieces as being "exploded" in the sense that they're blown up in size and freed from the limitations of historical subject matter.

As opposed to most of the work performed with a needle and thread in this town, my stitches show. They're black sutures which reveal inner truths.- Lisa Borgnes

You can click here to see her fabulous blog-

Thankyou Lisa!


LJM said...

Love seeing all this needlework modernized. Have always been a fan of needlepoint & totally agree about following a pattern. Lisa's home is fabulous. Love the charm of the architecture and the fabulous bookshelves everywhere. The decor is lovely too.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for this lovely, lovely write up. I am honored! After spending the last 15 years moving from NY to LA to London (repeat 3 times), it was a joy to finally settle into a house and have the luxury of making it my own. It pleases me immensely that you like it's a happy little place, I think, and expresses the ideals and interests of our family in every room.

You are invited over for tea/champagne if ever you come to Hollywood...!

Thank you again,


Anonymous said...

I might just take you up on that Lisa! XO-Jen


My God ... what a beautiful house ... everything there is awesome ... I love your backyard .. all that green is beautiful ... I love ...
Greetings ...

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