Monday, July 19, 2010

The Art Of Shoe.

One thing I will never understand is America's disdain for originality. When Bjork wore the "Swan" dress to the Grammy's years ago, my first thought was that she was the coolest person on the earth...I LOVED it . But mostly I loved that she did not take herself too seriously. To some, they might think you have to have a huge ego to pull that off, but I think the complete opposite. I think it has to do with self assurance not ego. Many people just dress the part because they can't let go of their "Fabulousness".

Anyhoo, I might have a hard time pulling these off, and I try to avoid major trends, but I say go for it, Cher, Bjork, Lady Gaga. How boring it would be without you!

Berlin artist Iris Schierferstein's new shoes. Above is Hoofs (2005) with horse hooves and zippers. Below is her more recent Vegas Girl (2009) with cow hooves and toy pistols and Temptation (2009) with pigeons.

These crack me up...What would you wear with this? Maybe a top hat and suspenders?

Animal Shoes by Iris Schieferstein.
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