Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Eclectic" is the new "Modern"

This is a Swedish home that is very unusual, as it is not engulfed in white.
American designers could learn a thing or two from the Swedes, and that is, editing... Those Swedes know how to edit a room, and yet not to the point where the room feels lifeless, or cold, like so many "edited" rooms can look. I think some designers think it might look dirty, or disheveled, or disorganized if you put too many personal things in a room, and I think that is where you weed the good designers from the bad. Good designers know how to work in the eclectic, homey look and still make the room look fresh.

Have you noticed I have a thing for clothing hanging from the ceiling? I LOVE the way it looks, and if I did not have a closet, I would quite possibly have dresses hanging everywhere. But alas, I do have a closet, and I may as well put it to good use...

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Kelle Dame said...

I love these photos! They really capture the personality that lives there.

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