Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Show At Maison Luxe

Hi! I have been M.I.A. here in blog land as I was insanely consumed with getting ready for my show at the beautiful Maison Luxe in Seattle, painting, printing, melting, and collaging my butt off for the last couple of months. So grateful to everyone who came to support me and my work, but also just getting out to support the arts in Seattle in general. It is hard to leave my house sometimes, but it is so important to get out and support one another and be part of the community that we love and treasure, and it means so much to every artist out there. Thank you for spreading the love. Life goes by fast, man.

My new Linocuts took me into a little bit of a different direction. Adding a few abstract pieces into the mix felt right to me. Hanging this wall took hours of thought and rearranging, believe it or not. Kelie and I were a good team. I am super happy with the way it turned out.

This is for the ex- lover who have used this line with probably most of us. The last two sentences are what I believe to be true now.

Kelie of Maison Luxe did such a beautiful job setting this table up! My wall of Watercolors, Original Ink on Paper, and Collage were a year in the making. My inspiration came from planets not yet discovered, the galaxy surrounding us, and the insides of Minerals. I sold out of all of the little collage work right away!!

My friend and amazing interior designer, Kelie Grosso of Maison Luxe ,who I am so grateful to, for inviting my work into her amazing store!

My under water plant collection is inspired by my family's boating adventures. Seaweed gets caught in our prop on our boat, and kills the motor, my kids fear it, and whenever I swim it gets tangled in my legs. It used to bug me, but oddly, I have learned to love it.

 This Triptych is named "Escape Through Here" 2013, Ink On Paper

My friend and talented interior designer Leah Ball Steen, who has come to all of my shows, even the ones where there were maybe 5 people there. Every artist knows what I am talking about. The people that come to those shows are keepers for sure!

 And finally some encaustics to add into the mix! Thank you so much Dorothee from Belathee Photography and Kelie Grosso from Maison Luxe for helping to put on my most beautiful show yet, and for giving back to the community your time and efforts!

Every amazing photo (but 2) are by Belathee Photography, the other 2 by Jenny Vorwaller's iphone!


jennie bishop said...

Sorry if this comes off as dim...Is this show Art & Lair's show? Do you create these collections for end users? I have a client who has a big blank wall and wants to have a salon style installation but she doesn't know where to start. I usually don't purchase art for clients as it's so subjective but would like to help get this started.
Email me if we can talk.

Katie Hackworth said...

I HAVE to get myself some of your pieces. LOVE all that I have seen of your latest work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katie! Hope to meet you one of these days!! Jennie- Yes I guess you could say it is Art and Lair's show since that is my blog, haha. My name is Jen Ament and I have a website feel free to visit! Thanks so much for your comments!! XX

Leah, Revival Home & Garden said...

OMG, look at us! Just now seeing this.... Such an amazing show per usual. Love you and the pic of us. XO

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