Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Artist To Watch - Andrew Stewart

One of the most insanely talented people I have had the pleasure of connecting with is Andrew Stewart, formerly of Martha Stewart Living, and now head stylist at One Kings Lane. I enjoy his posts on FB and Instagram so much, I would dare to say he is in my top 5 favorite people to follow on these inter webs - as his eye for beauty (and his sense of humor) is spectacular. The name of this gorgeous collection is "Coyote." He told me, "On a roadtrip across the United States my friend began to call me this, and then several months later in Tulsa, an Osage member told me that Coyote medicine was strong in me. I've clung to the message ever since. Coyote is very important in the myths of many Native peoples -- a creator, teacher, keeper of magic -- similar to that of Prometheus and fire for the Greeks. But most importantly, his (Coyote's) overarching message is that wisdom and folly go hand in hand. I think that is kind of beautiful -- know you're flawed, you'll make mistakes, but learn by and teach through it with a lighthearted spirit."

I asked Andrew how he was inspired to begin his journey into this beautiful art form. He told me, "They were birthed from my love of ancient civilizations and the ceremony that graced their daily lives -- especially regarding mysticism, healing and magic work." His process involves talking with the person about the types of colors and materials they are drawn to, and the types of energies they would like to attract or dispel. Do they want to open their creativity?  Do they want to gain strength? He told me,"I try to use only objects with a found quality -- i.e. I prefer the stones be left raw vs. polished -- and employ an approach to the construction as if they were bound and created in the field -- i.e. no glues or fixatives.  Primarily I work in bone, antler, feather, leather, and mineral.  I often like to add a little bit of metallic leather to infuse a contemporary feeling."

I want these in a shadowbox on my wall. Christmas present anyone??

 Love this portrait of him! By Alyssa C. Lewis 

All of these pieces are made to order. Pricing for wands is available upon request.  An estimate is worked up after an initial consultation, often primarily based on the rarity of stones chosen. These pieces are either going to be in Bergdorf's or some small, amazing boutique, I can feel it in my bones... Get yours now! -- coyote.wands@gmail.com

Portrait of Andrew by Alyssa C. Lewis @alyssaclewis
All other photography by Andrew Stewart
Follow Coyote on Instagram @andrewstewart311 and FB here

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