Monday, April 15, 2013

Shop To Visit - Far 4

 One of THE best shops in Seattle, (and by far the most uniquely curated), Far 4, had it's 5 year anniversary celebration last night, and some of Seattle's most interesting, and art aware people came out to pay homage to the store's owner, Euguenia (Jenny) Hudak Klimenkoff, master curator, who has taken the Seattle art scene to a whole other level.(Neon Diamond by local artist, Dylan Neuwirth)

 I feel beyond lucky to grace her walls, and the company I share is with some of the most well-respected artists in Seattle, some very well known, and some still unknown to the rest of the U.S.

Jenny's family owns an extremely beautiful porcelain company based in Moscow, called  Porcelain Studio Klimenkoff that creates museum worthy pieces. Her store is filled with everything from high end masterpieces, to affordable, useable pieces, with a unique bent. They are either gorgeous, or just insanely creative one of a kinds, that you won't find anywhere else.

 It takes a true pioneer to venture into the world of art, and Jenny is just that. Especially in a town that is not necessarily known for their art scene, but things are changing in Seattle. A local editor of a great art magazine told me recently, "I feel like I am sitting on a gold mine as far as the art scene goes here in Seattle, the only problem is the artists themselves." he continued, "They are too humble, and don't promote their work like some of the bigger cities." It is an interesting theory, and probably mostly true. Seattle doesn't cozy up to braggers, or ego trippers, or hard sells. We also don't value our work as much as we should. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. The business aspect of our work, maybe we just kinda suck at? That's why so many of us are so grateful to people like Jenny, who know a good thing when she see's it, and who is willing to take up precious space, just to show it to people. 

 I feel like the luckiest person having my art showing on that wall right now.

 I love the bunny. By the artist Charles Krafft.

 Home made cotton candy by Spun , with popcorn and champagne...

Practically Far 4's mascot, because so many people take pics of him, the giant Mr. Monkey is amazing, made by the german porcelain company, Meissen.

 Skull teapot by Trevor Jackson.

Along with being as genuine as it gets, Jenny is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I am grateful to know her, and call her a friend. Thank you Jenny for 5 years of opening people eyes to some amazing art in Seattle and the U.S. Please check out Far 4 in person, or online ASAP...You will LOVE it...

Photo's by Jennifer Ament, (and one by Jenny.)


cozbi hultz said...

aw thanks so much for sharing this! so happy to see such a lovely night was had; sad to have missed it. glad it went so great!

24 Corners said...

Congrats on having your work at Far 4, haven't been but now I'm extremely intrigued, looks amazing!
You nailed the Northwest non-self promoting attitude...after moving here from LA years ago, the lack of ego was the most refreshing thing ever...I completely cherish it.
xo J~

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