Friday, March 15, 2013

A Bed On the Floor

Many of you might scoff at the idea, but a lot of us have been through having a bed on the floor at some point in our lives...I had one when my boyfriend at the time and I broke up and I moved in with a girl I barely knew who had about 4 cats, and the house smelled like pee, and bad perfume, and I went to sleep crying every night with my one box of C.D.'s as decor, and a "Sharper Image" sound machine that barely sounded like a waterfall, in my hope that it would drown out the leaky toilet sound that pulsated from the hallway.

In that scenario I didn't have a chance to make it look as amazing as these pics because I moved out after about 3 weeks, but I do have to say,there is something quite freeing, untethered, and even charming about having a bed that sits on the floor.

 A bed on the floor sometimes gives the impression that maybe a person doesn't have their shit completely together. 
I like that. Maybe it reminds me that we all go through phases of not having our shit together, and sometimes that can be fun.

Photo's via -Tumblr (let me know if you know)

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heidi said...

I like this post. Our bed has been on the floor for the past 6 years and it's finally starting to bug me (we definitely do NOT have our shit together -- I kinda want to start fixing that, ha ha ha).

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