Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Raining Men

Just kidding, it's not raining men, but it is raining crazy around my house, and there is no time for grand gestures of cheap chocolates, or sex in a box. But I will take a new seltzer water maker, or some fresh dates fed exed from the middle east...ok,dates from California will do...Again, kidding...(not really)This cardboard cutout of Snoop Dog is really what my guy should be getting me, because it would make me laugh my ASS off. My guy and I are both so busy with work, we can barely make dinner more than twice a week, let alone go shopping for last minute gifts on a day that we must show our love, even if it was a not so good day.  We celebrate our love in random ways, like him making me amazing eggs on Sunday's mornings, and letting me sleep in for an hour. Or me giving him a coffee in a to go cup when we are rushing out the door to get the kids to school, or picking up his socks off the floor for the 100th time  and not complaining about it. It's the simple,everyday gestures of love that matter most. 
YOU should pick the day to celebrate with your love. 
Happy Valentine's Day Lad's and Lassie's.

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24 Corners said...

We celebrated and celebrate the very same forced romance at our house, especially when it's not a 'good day'!
xo J~

(Snoop in the house would freak me out a bit!) ;)

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