Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carving Pumpkins For-EVAH...

This summer I was asked by Sunset Magazine contributor, Jess Chamberlain if I would carve a bunch of pumpkins for the October issue. I of course almost died, and had to say yes because Sunset Mag has been a longtime favorite of mine, and I have been a subscriber for years. I love the cozy, homey, west coast vibe it gives off. I save most of the back issues for recipes and places I still need to visit. When carving pumpkins you can use the same carving tool that I use for my linocuts. Any good art supply store will have them.(See instructions below).

 Sunset's very own Jess Chamberlain, Miranda Jones and photographer Thomas Story,were at my place for the day, and it was so much fun.The whole event was inspiring and happy. I love the way the feathers ended up looking on the console with the pumpkins. 
  My fireplace and my outdoor steps looking cozy and very October-ish...Like I have said on my blog before, carving is super meditative, and I ended up losing my focus only a couple of times having to ditch a few pumpkins in the greenbelt right next to where I live. Ok, maybe more than a couple. There might be a pile of pumpkins being eaten by the squirrels out there...But the ones I kept made me happy...
Thank you Jess, Thomas, and Miranda for spending those wonderful days with me! I highly enjoyed it, and am grateful for the opportunity! Happy Halloween everyone!

Do it yourself

Materials: Washable marker, carving tool(s), pumpkins in interesting shapes and varying sizes
  1. Draw or photocopy a design to desired size. Seek inspiration in antique Audubon books (freestanding animals), and foliage from your own backyard.
  2. Cut out top of pumpkin and scrape interior clean. (You can also chose to skip this step and not hollow the pumpkins.)
  3. Copy desired design onto pumpkin with washable marker (freehand), ortransfer design to pumpkin.
  4. Using a carving tool, carve into the design about 1/4 in deep, being careful not to break through pumpkin flesh (rather, scraping a hollow relief).
  5. If you've hollowed your pumpkins, set them aglow with multiple tea lights, or battery operated candles.

Sunset MagazinePhoto by Thomas J. Story; designs by Jennifer Ament


All Women Everywhere said...

These are so beautiful! Your hard work paid off, and now I have an inferiority complex about my pumpkins. Next year I will have a Jennifer Ament pumpkin for shiz. XOXOX

24 Corners said...

Love these...very cool! Nice that you made a lot of squirrels happy in the process too!
xo J~

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