Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Weekender in Manette

 Just a ferry boat ride from Seattle, lies a hidden gem of a new store that just opened up called "The Weekender" in the sweet northwest-y working class beach town of Manette, Washington. I was asked by the talented Mother/ Daughter team Nancy Belanger, and Jodi Davis to show in their new shop, and they had a lovely opening party this weekend with a packed house.  

 Jodi Davis is the fabulous window designer in the Barney's New York store here in Seattle, has a beautiful sense of design, and is about as humble as they come. Jodi's mom Nancy Belanger, has been a buyer for some amazing shops in Seattle, one being Lucca in Ballard, and is well known for her discerning eye. Both of these women have mastered the art of curation. 

 I usually like to hang my own work, because it takes a keen eye to get the spacing perfect and the different sizes to work right collectively, but Jodi hung my pieces with a friggin level, and as perfect as it gets.

I don't know how much luckier we could have been to have Trophy Cupcakes bring a seemingly endless supply of ridiculously delicious cupcakes that always taste like they are fresh from the oven of the best cupcake baker EVER. (Which they are) And how lucky were we to have Jennifer Shea,the founder of Trophy, (below, second from right) to come hang out with us? Thanks, Jen!
Jodi Davis is on the left, along with Jennifer's insanely adorable son, Fleetwood, Jennifer, me, and my good friend, interior designer, Leah Ball Steen. Fun night!!

 Almost everything in the store is made locally or from the Northwest. Amazing tea, vintage finds, and gifts abound...

This shop is a must see on your list of end of summer must see-s. If you can't go now, then you can bring your thermos of hot tea or coffee, put on your raincoat, and go in the winter, when you can take a weekend day, hop on a ferry, and travel to a still very non-touristy, Northwest to the core, little town of Manette... you won't be sorry.

Photo's by me and Instagram.

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