Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chic + Disheveled = Authentically Chic

Most people will never understand fully how to be "authentically" chic. I am not saying that in a superior, mean spirited way, it's not always easy for people to live in an authentic way. It takes A LOT more work, emotionally, to live in an unauthentic way because one is constantly putting up a front for who they are, and how they live. You can be a stylish mess... I don't mean hoarder-style, or letting yourself go... I mean super personal and...REAL... I am baffled by how many people,(whom are highly regarded in the style or design world), can end up coming across as trying WAY too hard to always look perfectly put together, or have homes that look completely contrived, and un-original. That is why I love seeing homes like this, or Isabel Marant's, (who's home I did a post on not too long ago), and other creative's, that feel authentically lived in, real, stylish, and yet slightly disheveled. I feel the same way about life, fashion, and everyday style. I would much rather see a slightly "off" topknot any day, than a huge perfectly coiffed bun on the head. I would much rather hang with the slightly disheveled person who doesn't give a shit what other people think, because I am all about feeling comfortable in my skin, and too many of us are contriving our own identity, and lives. 
Let's get real....

Authenticity=Happiness  XX 

Photo and wonderful story by the Dossier Journals, of Poet John Giorno and his huge loft in the Bowery, which was the first YMCA in New York.


Unknown said...

It's poet John Giorno's loft. Very interesting article about him.
Thanks for sharing. I agree, no catalog home/life for me, thanks you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know!! :)

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