Saturday, April 21, 2012

Decor Amore....

 This is one of the most thrilling and artfully decorated homes I have ever seen.(And the insane outfit above doesn't hurt either!) I want to see more...I want to see more rooms with art adorning every corner. Is that possible? I know it is. I am guessing Mario Testino has a few more homes, which, after seeing these photo's, I am hoping we get to see soon! 

I LOVE the framed textile on the left wall...Art in every form folks...that is how we should express ourselves...

Isn't it so interesting how you know you could be buds with people just by looking at their homes? That is just how I feel about Mario, and so many others...Who do you know you would be buds with just by looking at pics of their homes?

See more on Mario's uber-impressive website-here.
Photo's via - Vogue

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