Monday, September 19, 2011

Falling into Tradition...

As fall quickly approaches, this photograph hits just the right note for my 
family, and our new weather here in Seattle. 
I have several different styles that I am drawn to, but in the 
fall and winter months, cozy, traditional homes with long histories, are the 
ideal place to lay my hat and head. I am in nesting mode suddenly, 
making soups, warm meals, and cozy atmospheres a priority for my family.
I hope you are feeling cozy too...

Image Via- Mantiques 


Sarah Greenman said...

I love this photo and I'm so jealous of the onset of fall in Seattle. When we lived there, fall was my favorite time of year. I'd walk out my door and cross the street to Volunteer Park to admire the leaves while dodging the new mud underfoot.

Anonymous said...

You need to come back for a visit with the kiddos! Happy Fall! xo

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