Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Evening of Art and Disguise

I hope you will join me in celebration of a new season, and to check out 
some recent work of mine.I have always wanted to go to an event {big or small}, 
where you were asked to wear {Truman Capote party-esque} masks and here is my,
{our}, chance! And being an avid music lover, I could not get the idea of an 
accordion player out of my head, and so we added that to the mix. John Tusher 
from Velocity Art and Design, was kind enough to offer to throw an opening 
night party for the month-long exhibition of my work, 
and I hope to meet you there! 

P.S. My uber talented husband, Barry Ament, did the beautiful graphics on this invite for me. Thanks sweetie!

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Laura said...

Absolutely cannot WAIT for this, Jen!

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