Friday, June 24, 2011

The Art of The Rebel...

Some of my favorite photographs are of a rebellious moment in a place in time.
Scott Pommier is just that kind of photographer. His pieces make me want to take a road trip with no suitcase, and no destination in mind, drive really fast on a long,empty, never-ending road, buy a one way ticket to a place I have never been, and sleep, drink, and eat with not a care in the world. I could go on and on...How might you rebel?

I started shooting photos of my friends skateboarding. All I wanted to do for the longest time was to take pictures like the ones that I saw in skateboarding magazines, and I learned to do just that. I shot for skateboarding magazines for about ten years, now people ask me what I shoot and I don’t quite know what to tell them.  I don’t feel like I’m an action sport photographer, a commercial photographer, a lifestyle photographer or a fashion photographer exactly, but a little bit of all of those things. Of the pictures that I’ve shot, the ones that I like best, fall in between some of those lines; an action photo that feels more like a fashion shot or portrait that borders on reportage. I spent years learning the skill of photography before I really figured out how I wanted to shoot and what I wanted to shoot. I take pictures of what I think is interesting and significant and beautiful.
–Scott Pommier

This interview is from The Selvedge Yard blog.

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