Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Yellow Scale by Franz Kupka

The Yellow Scale by Franz Kupka by jwd0503

A painting by Franz Kupka, a Czech avant-garde painter living in Paris.
The painting is a mixture of realism and abstraction. Called The Yellow Scale,
it depicts a portrait, but the painting technique consists of a feast of violent 
slashes of yellow impasto. This was a work of the transitional stage of Kupka’s
oeuvre when he moved from an impressionistic style to the world of abstraction.
I LOVE the either extremely bored, annoyed, or just had an orgasm
(with a self rolled cigarette, no doubt) look on the man's face.
His name was Charles Baudelaire, the French decadent poet,
based on one of Nadar’s daguerreotype photographs.


The above fore-mentioned. said...

A fabulous painting! I love that he worked from a photograph - stunning.

A Perfect Gray said...


Sarah Greenman said...

This painting of Baudelaire is awesome. He's one of my fave poets!

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