Friday, March 18, 2011

The List...

A picture of the handwritten list of artists that analytical/synthetic cubist Pablo Picasso wrote himself to Walt Kuhn when asked about potential artists to be included in the first Armory Show exhibition in 1913. List includes some of my favorites: Marcel DuchampFernand Leger, and Metzinger. What I’d give to go back in time just to see the works of all these bad boys under one roof
One thing that I find totally hilarious is the fact that Braque made it to the bottom of the list as almost an afterthought. Kinda ironic, considering he’s the one that paired up with Picasso to pioneer cubism.

I invite you all to make your own list who should be featured now.( Handwritten if you think someone will care in 100 years.)

Have a great weekend!


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24 Corners said...

That's a treasure!!
Loving this sun...
xo J~

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