Monday, November 8, 2010

Interior Design Love : Laura Day Living

I have loved Laura Day's style for a while now. She has a fresh approach, a keen eye, and my favorite part...makes everything look, and feel, inviting, and comfortable....That is a hard combo to achieve with success. There are things that I can find, that I like, in almost all designers portfolio's, but some designers can make it look a tad too catalog-ish, which of course can be comfortable, but is it original? Other designers can make it all seem a bit too precious and over the top, but is that inviting and comfortable? Laura seems to strike a pretty perfect balance.

See more, on her GORGEOUS, super informative, and brilliant website, HERE.
Photo's by Lonny and Laura Day Living website.


paula said...

love her style and she seems to be such a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Same! Thanks for the comment Paula!

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