Monday, October 11, 2010

Artist and Feather - Kate MccGwire

I can appreciate all kinds of installation art, but this is the kind that
makes my mouth hang wide open for days...

Heave - 2008

Pigeon Fight Feathers - Felt and Wood Installation

Evacuate, 2010
Site-specific installation
Mixed media with feathers (Mallard, goose, peacock, pheasant, teal, woodcock, woodpigeon, quail, grouse, French partridge, turkey and chicken)
400 x 350 x 120 cm (approximately)

Kate MccGwire's work asks questions about the very nature of beauty. She's intrigued by the possibility of envisaging beauty as something more complex than merely what delights the senses: beauty can be about a problem; it can be something that repels you or makes you question the status quo. The idea that it is a cultural phenomenon, susceptible to argument through the creative process, fascinates her.

She will take an everyday thing or idea that is intrinsically discomfiting and, by re-framing it, entice the viewer into re-examining their preconceptions and prejudices - cultural, historical, personal - about the everyday. The viewer's response is visceral, the impact immediate, the ideas triggered resonating in their mind somewhere beyond rational interpretation.

For more info on Kate, go - here.    Photos by Jonty Wilde

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Unknown said...

what kind of inspiration makes this real!! Waovvv!!

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