Monday, September 20, 2010

The Central Park South Apartment of Madelaine Felkay

This is probably one of my favorite posts yet. It is of a glamourous grandmother that has stunning views of Central Park. This house reminds me of my grandmother, and I am guessing it might remind some of you, of yours too. I can smell it, taste it, I bet I can even guess what she has in her cupboards...
I am so in LOVE with this fresh perspective of Traditional Decor...It does not scream "CATALOG" to me...

Seriously, my apartment (that does not exist) in N.Y.C., is going to look like this. Don Draper and I will be sharing a smoke, and then I will bust out my mad piano skills.

Just kill me now.I can smell the White Shoulders as I type. I miss you Grandma!

This View!!
One Classy Lady...
Mrs. Madelaine Felkay..

All Photos are by the talented blogger Jamie Beck - From Me To You

(I first saw this post on the LOVELY Katie Armour's blog The Neo-Traditionalist )

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