Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brooklyn for Dinner

We stayed at my dear friends place in SOHO. A beautiful, art filled loft, in an insane location. Thank you Tiffanie & Scott !
The incredible piece of art is by Stefan Kleinschuster of Loveland, Colorado.

On to Brooklyn...

Marie, (from the beautiful store Veritables in Seattle), has graciously taken me under her wing and shown me the ropes here, and introduced me to some AMAZING people. Thank you Marie!! We came to check out the home show, go to some meetings, and eat! After we finished up checking out all the goods at the show, we took off to Brooklyn to eat at the much touted, "Vinegar Hill House". I took some photos as we toured DUMBO and found ( in the middle of a very industrial area) this incredibly beautiful "Captains House", that apparently was an old sea captains house from long ago...I am guessing there are many a photo shoot here.

After our walk, we had the most AMAZING meal I have had in a LONG time (all Marie and I could say to each other the whole time eating was oh my god, oh my god). In fact it was so good I basically wolfed it down, and forgot to take a picture.(Sorry!)

You NEED to go here...

The decor was super cozy. It gave me of a 70's malibu vibe,with a little bit of brooklyn jazz musician thrown in, but cooler, and everything was house canned or fresh from the garden, but still completely sophisticated at the same time. Which is a hard combo to accomplish successfully.
The Staff was rockin' out to Bob Seger.
Will have more on Monday. I really need to sleep! Wishing you a sunny, sleep filled weekend!

All photo's by Jennifer Ament.

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