Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Artist of the Month : Harold Hollingsworth

We are so amazingly lucky to have the insane amount of creative talent we have here in Seattle.
Local Seattle artist Harold Hollingsworth is someone I have been wanting to feature for a while. Not only is he an amazing talent, but also is as authentic as it gets. The talent gene runs in the family, his brother is a longtime friend, the fantastic photographer John Hollingsworth, (who I will do a post on soon). Here is some of what he told me about how this piece was created.It is hard for me to choose, but I think this piece titled "Loose" is my favorite.

"This inspiration for that piece you liked was basically two fold. One is I've been sketching lots this spring and summer, with pen and ink. It's loose and very invigorating. The bigger picture is how when I take these drawing and scan them, and run them through photoshop, and basically mess them up, how excited I am again at how they look once more, in a different light. I get to then project them onto large canvas's and see them all new and different, both in scale and context, and they become another thing altogether.
I'm inspired by a myriad of differing forces, philosophy, artificial and natural objects, science, pop culture. I think each medium and interest opens a new aperture into another life inside a painted picture."

The above image is a drawing from his sketchbook.
"Detail", Acrylic on Canvas.
"Scopa", Acrylic on Canvas.
Above image is a work in progress.
Local Artist and hero, Harold Hollingsworth. Thankyou Harold!
More info here-haroldhollingsworth.blogspot.com/

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harold hollingsworth said...

thank you for the honor of being the artist of the month!

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