Monday, June 14, 2010

Artist of the month : Doug T. Foltz

Arrival - Oil on canvas.
Chasing Dawn - Oil on canvas
Rubicon - Oil on canvas.
Silver lining - Oil on canvas.

Worth the effort - Oil on canvas.

If you have not noticed, I like ocean scenes. Not bright, colorful, ocean scenes, but muted, moody, or soothing scenes. Doug Foltz hits the nail on the head for me, the colors are sophisticated, beautiful and timeless.

A native of South Miami he has spent much of his life exploring alone, on or around the water. Those elemental moments of sky and water -- and the edges between -- form the foundation for his exploration as a painter.

Most often referenced as "interpretive" his style, based in realism, intentionally and easily departs to explore more abstract or distant characters... usually returning once again to rest comfortably at home. His art is a collection of personal views associated with those experiences -- in life and in paint. Easy departure... and constant returns from open exploration to known edges and more familiar horizons.

Doug holds a Bachelors of Environmental Design and a Bachelors of Architecture from Auburn University and has spent a 25 year professional career as an architect, graphic designer, visual communication strategist, and corporate communication consultant.

He has been painting and drawing since childhood, and his work hangs in private and corporate collections from Seattle to the Bahamas.

Doug currently shares his time between Atlanta, Georgia and the beaches of Northwest Florida.

He is represented:
... in Atlanta, Georgia by Huff Harrington Fine Art,
... in St. Simons Island, Georgia by Mix Art & Design,
... in Boston, Massachusetts by Jules Place, and
... in Boca Raton, Florida by the Addison Gallery

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harold hollingsworth said...

wonderful work, thanks for highlighting

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