Sunday, May 23, 2010

Artist of the month : Mark Boyle

Some of my favorite paintings are old school, traditional pieces. Mark Boyle paints these beautiful, Northwest scenes, that are so fitting for all of the water lovers that live here. Did you know that Seattle is ranked # 2 in the U.S. for the largest boat ownership? We love us some water... This boat is titled "The Marantha" and the colors that he uses are absolutely beautiful. This one goes in my lakehouse. Oil on Linen, (2006)
"Gillnetter at La Push". Oil on linen, 2006
"November clam digging" Oil on linen.-2006
" Break in the clouds", (2006) This painting was awarded the oil painters of America, "Award of merit".
"November clam digging"-oil on linen, 2006

Q : What do you love most about being an artist?
A : Traveling. Painting what you experience.
Q : What are the mediums that you work in?
A : Oil
Q : Many of my favorite pieces of yours is the boat "The Marantha". I LOVE the colors you used. As a child were you interested in the sea-fairing lifestyle?
A : One of my trips to La Push, the texture of this one boat, the paint was peeling, and the bright red buoy, and the great reflections in the water...
Q : Do you start drawing first or come up with the idea first?
A : I take a bunch of photographs and then find the most pleasing one and then paint from there.
Q : Is your work autobiographical?
A : Yes. I do a lot of fishing. In the summer I go backpacking.
Q : What shows are coming up?
A : I was accepted into the "Oil Painters of America" National Exhibition in Scottsdale Arizona.
They had 2800 submissions and only 200 made it in.

Thankyou so much to Mark for offering me his time. Here is more information on this talented artist.

Photo by Ken J. McLeod

In my early years, I explored ravines and woods near my house. Often being late for dinner lost in another world. A serious interest in painting developed at 11 years old. As I recall, my first painting was of a rainbow trout. My parents hired local artists to instruct me privately during my teen years. A person who really taught good basics was Carl Christophersen. In painting lessons, Carl taught me to divide objects into shapes and planes with hard and soft edges.

Nature impassions me. I am on a constant quest for that perfect subject to paint. During my outdoor adventures, such as hiking or fishing, I am inspired by the things I find. It is important to me to bring home my experiences and share them in a painting. Some of the landscapes I paint are so remote that most people can’t view them. One of the most rewarding experiences is to set up an easel on a high mountain meadow and capture the true colors found there. Through photography, I’ve documented many of my trips into the wilderness. I later use these as references in my paintings.

The mediums I use are primarily oil, pastels, and watercolor.

Where to Buy: Howard Mandville Gallery: Kirkland, WA Phone: (800) 544-4712


Kelle Dame said...

Wow! These are stunning! I'm an old school kinda girl myself :) Thank you so much for sharing! Glad I found your blog through google images!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following Kelle!!

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